The 10 Key Ways To Relieve Knee Pain That Really Work

Any kind of pain is hard to deal with. Whether you are experiencing stomach ache, headache or knee pain when walking, you will find it hard to move around.

If you are dealing with knee pain, it causes a lot of discomfort. Knee is a very important part of the body because it acts as a weight bearing joint.

If you are coping with knee pain, research shows that you are not alone. In fact, it is estimated that as many as 1 in 3 people over the age of 45 have experienced some type of knee pain.

Most people are surprised to know that knee problems are not only caused injuries.                                                                                                                                                

What Are The Causes Of Knee Pain ?


Even though injury is the main cause of severe knee pain, there are various causes of which you should be aware. Arthritis is to blame for a big number of severe knee pain problems.

Most people see arthritis as a disease for old people, but the truth is that there is no age limit when arthritis is concerned. Many young people are known to suffer from arthritis just as the elderly do.

Here are top causes of knee pain :


 ♦ Knee Pain From Sudden movements

Relieve Knee Pain

Sudden movements especially when playing a certain sport contribute a lot to knee pain. A knee is a joint; this means it is vulnerable to pain due to sudden movements. They can cause an impact on the knee that might lead to severe pain.                                                                                                                                     

 ♦  Knee Pain From Injury

Injury is the leading cause of knee pain. Falls, trips, awkward landing, and accidents can cause knee pains. Sports men and women are prone to knee pain because they are always on the move.

For instance, basketball players are at risk of anterior cruciate ligament, also known as ACL. It happens when there is damage in the ligaments in the shinbone and thighbone.                                                                                                                    

♦ Knee Pain From Repetitive activities

Relieve Knee Pain

If you are involved in strenuous and repetitive actions such as jumping jacks without resting, it can cause knee pain.                                                                          

 ♦ Knee Pain From Inflammation

Another major cause serve pain is tendon inflammation. The knee is enclosed by three fluid filled sacs known as bursae. In a condition called septic bursitis, the sacs have been infected with bacteria.

The bacteria can cause the severe knee pain. By the way, this is the same bacteria that cause infections on the skin called staphylococcus. The pain that is caused by the bacteria is so bad as the pain associated with a staph infection.     

 ♦ Knee Pain From Osteoarthritis

This is degenerative condition commonly associated with people above 50 years old. This condition is natural and normally happens because of constant use of the knee.

  Is There A Treatment For Knee Pain ?

Relieve Knee Pain

♦  When it comes to treating knee pain, the best way to get rid of the pain is to build up the muscles surrounding the knee. Arthritis is the main cause knee pain. This means it is always important that you find a good knee pain treatment program to help you relief the pain.

♦ Most people try to take painkiller drugs to cover up the pain. However, they fail to treat the root cause of the pain. Treating the underlying cause of the pain is vital to finding the relief you need. However, if you are taking these drugs, you should use a professional to avoid potential side effects.

♦ Normally, knee pain will disappear without knowing the specific cause. However if the pain is uncontrollable, a visit to a physician is important. A visit to a health-care will begin by examining the nature of the knee pain. Next, the examination of the knee will be performed.

♦ Treatments for knee pain are as different as the conditions that can cause the pain. Medications, therapy and injections are some of the treatment that can be recommended.

♦ Medication may be prescribed to treat the underlying problem. Physical therapy is used to strengthen the muscles around the knee. This helps to make the knee more stable and help to avoid further worsening of an injury.

Surgery on the knee can also be done to allow the physician examine the inside of your knee. The surgeon can recommend partial knee replacement or total knee replacement.


 How To Prevent Knee Pain ?


There are various steps you can take to prevent knee pain :

First you need to stop engaging in activities that can intensify pain whether it is immediately or after some time. If the knee pain is due to an injury you got recently, you can use an elastic bandage.

Elastic bandage can help a lot to reduce the pain. Using a cane to support when walking can also help to reduce the pain. Use the can either on the opposite side of the affected pain, or in the hand that is on the side of the painful knee.

Physical exercises can also help to get rid of knee pain. However, you need to start the exercises slowly and performing them several times daily. But do not force yourself.

Do the exercises only if you can manage to do them. One of the recommended exercises that you can try if you have pain at the top of your knee is swimming.

Swimming is an exercise that does not require weight bearing and this means it cannot cause strain in the knee area. However, when you decide to go swimming, you must pay a close attention to straightening and flexing of the leg.

If you are experiencing knee pain, the way you sit down can cause problems. You need to sit in an encouraging way. You need to sit in a way that put your knees in a relaxed or in a flexed position. In addition, do not stress your knee.

If you sit down for a long time, ensure that the affected knee is straightened to disengage the kneecap from the grove and release the pressure.

If the knee pain is uncontainable, it is important you seek a professional’s advice. Do not take chances.

Avoid any activity that can cause the situation to become worse or even too costly to cure. However, with proper treatment, you will be able feel better.

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