Best Solutions To Relieve Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

Neck Pain from Sleeping Wrong ? What You Can Do Right Now ?


There’s nothing worse than waking up to a stiff, aching pain in your neck or neck pain from sleeping wrong .

Sometimes it’s so severe you can’t even move your head without that familiar sting.

Well, some people use their hands to lift their heads after this has happened to them, they usually feel as if they have been hit hard by something.

This condition is referred to as “Torticollis” and when acquired in such an instance, it’s called “Acquired Torticollis”.

The most common symptoms of this condition are seen when a person wakes up and feel that they have a very hard or stiff neck.

 This is also followed by a severe pain especially when the person turns their head in any direction.

This becomes, even so, unbearable because of the pain that attacks the whole head or in some, it could pin them down making them immobile.

Another visible sign of this condition is evident when you look at yourself in the mirror and begin to notice that your head is leaning towards one side of your body.

This is also another reserve for pain in the neck region. Any attempts to try and move the head in either the up-down or right-left directions only makes the pain more excruciating and condemning as well.

Ideas, like trying out a new nighttime position or buying a ew pillow, are great ways to prevent this issue, but they aren’t cures  or  get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong during the day.

 Fortunately, however, there are a couple of different ways to manage this awful symptom without calling out of work or downing too much Ibuprofen. 

Neck pain mostly arises from strains and spasms of the soft tissues–muscles tendons and ligaments—within the cervical spine.


Θ The question now is:

  Is there really any solution to this predicament?

  Is the solution really as simple as just having to change your sleeping process?

Θ Well, the answer is both yes and no !

 It’s true that changing your way of your sleeping  can minimize the strain at some points, but on the other hand, it my take a little further action in resolving the challenge.

First , you must know about : why you have neck pain after sleeping wrong ?



Why You Have Neck Pain After Sleeping Wrong


It’s a common thing to hear people who wakes up with a sore neck and says, they slept wrongly’ on their neck or slept wrong on neck .

 But in reality, this isn’t actually the case.

Rather than sleeping with twisted neck or having the neck in an awkward position, a lot of people experience neck pain after sleeping because they’re sleeping in a manner or in the position that actually strains the neck—most especially due to the ways they place their pillows.

At times, the problem could be resulting from the use of too many pillows, or the one that’s too strong, or simply too high.

 In turn, this train leads to minor ligaments, tendor and muscular pain, as well as stiffening of the neck.


So you have sore neck from sleeping wrong , but how do you fix it ?

 How To Get Rid of Neck Pain from Sleeping Wrong


   Here Ten (10) Ways to Get Rid of Neck Pain from Sleeping  :

Θ Stretch The Muscles In The neck  

With these tight, inflamed muscles, one of the best things that can be done is stretching them.

 Specifically, moving the neck in a circular motion several times can help loosen up these muscles and relieve some of this soreness.

 Even if you can’t move your neck too much at first, after a few times, there should be an increase in movement.

 It may even help to rub the achy areas while you’re stretching to work out any knotted muscles that are especially tight.

 However, it should be noted that if at any point during this exercise you feel an elevation in pain level–you should stop.

At that point, it might be wise to move on to another pain-relief technique on this list. 

Θ Use Ice Packs

Since the muscles are most likely inflamed, one thing that can most certainly help with this is an ice pack.

 Not only will this numb the area and provide some instant relief, but it will most likely provide long-term pain reduction.

There is no exact timeframe for how long the ice pack should stay on, although leaving it on for hours in the same position might make it worse.

Truly, you can be the judge here in what feels good and what doesn’t. 

Θ A Balm Or Ointment

If you’re up for running to the nearest drugstore, another option for how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong is trying out a balm or ointment.

As mentioned before, these are available at any drugstore or pharmacy aisle.

The most important thing is to make sure you buy one that is specifically for neck pain or more generically–body ache .

Many of these oils and balms use heat as a source of pain relief of sleeping wrong on neck, and when combined with stretching the muscles or some gentle massage, this could definitely cause some pain level reduction. 


If you really wanted to be medical here, showering could also be labeled as “hydrotherapy”.

 Essentially, by using warm or heated water–although nothing scalding–on the affected areas of the neck, this could definitely soothe those angry muscles.

The best way to handle this in the shower is to keep your neck in the same position–straight–for several minutes and spray the water this way.

Like with any of these techniques though, if the pain gets worse, you should not continue and instead, try something another method. 


Θ Change Your Sleeping Position

One best way to eradicate pain after sleeping is in how you sleep. Try to sleep on your back or side—the best way to avoid strains.

Each of the two options enables you to keep your head in the right and proper position.

Nevertheless, for this to work, be sure to take into consideration the nature of the pillow you’re using so your neck won’t be resting in such an unnatural position, which would only bring back the pains in the morning.

Θ Choose An Appropriate Pillow to Enhance Your Sleeping Style

As earlier stated, you can’t have proper sleeping position without a suitable pillow to compliment your style.

Back-style—sleepers are advised to choose a pillow that’s round and capable of firmly supporting their head and also curving up to support the neck as well.

Some people have testified that their neck pain decreases sharply by using this method.

Want a best solution ? Let me suggest something easy ! Try a Hullo Buckwheat pillow for 60 nights .

Θ Have A Massage

Massage could be viewed two ways here: self-massage or actually booking an appointment with a masseuse.

 For the first option, some gentle rubbing with a warm oil like Lavender or Chamomille is both relaxing physically and mentally.

There are different ways to massage these muscles, but the most straightforward is to apply gentle pressure in a rhythmic motion on the sore areas.

 For booking an appointment with a masseuse, these professionals are trained in what can help and simply letting them know your neck is sore can affect which muscles they target and how they massage them. 

Θ Try Alternative Therapies

In cases where the pain or occurrence is beyond the control of the person, physical therapy could be used. The Neural muscles get handled using Proprioceptive Neuro facilitation (P.N.F.) by a qualified physician on the paining area.

Whether the pain is from an activity or just sleep, it is good to have it checked and well handled with a physician in cases where the pain is excessive.

If you, however, can properly have the situation under control, then you need not a doctor to relieve neck pain from sleeping wrong  .

Θ Get your neck a rest

The time frame for the acquired neck pain lasts up to 4 or 7 days after the activity causing pain. The remedy in such an instance is to just relax and take some days off from work so that the pain could go away.

Θ Take Pain Killers

Because most people experience pain and the body swelling occasionally, sometimes it’s good to take some pain killers to help you reduce pain.


How To Prevent Neck Pain from Sleeping wrong


Θ Don’t open the window

Sleeping while the window is still open especially during the times when the weather conditions become very hot and unbearable for some.

Though it may seem like a great move to sleep while having some fresh air, this also has some negative outcomes.

The window allows the wind or air in sometimes, especially at 4am.

This is air with a dropped temperatures that when settles on the neck, it stiffens and cramps tight to prevent neck muscles from making a turn in any directions.

This is a matter that could mostly affect those living close to water bodies like near the shores.

Prevention is better than cure, it is, therefore, wise to be cautious with the window and shut it before sleeping.

Θ Sleep in the right way

Sleep positions that are so awkward in the bed. This mostly affects those who feel that they are so tired to even move a muscle. This could get someone in a very wrong position during slumber for several hours of sleep.

Sometimes those who had too much to drink may find themselves sleeping on their stomachs then make a shocking 90 degrees turn to gasp some air.

It is good to ensure that however much you feel tired, before laying your body on the bed, find a posture that will be comfortable for the night.


Θ Sleep with enough pillows

Attached to this, is sleeping on some shallow pillow or without any at all. If a person sleeps on his right and uses shallow pillows, the neck joints on his right side could freeze while his muscles and soft tissues get over-stretched.

Another occurrence could be that the person slept on his back with the neck supported with many pillows. This would over-flex the neck when sleeping and hence, be the source of pain.

It is, therefore, good to practice sleeping with the head supported with a pillow of the right height with the neck to eliminate painful moments.

Θ Avoid heavy activities

This is common especially with those who are engaged in gardening, house chores or even watching movies or television.

This is usually done with the head facing only in a single direction for the whole time of activity. The pain becomes hidden in the muscles for that day until when it all becomes real the following day when the pain becomes too much.


When to seek Help For Neck Pains


You must bear in mind that every cases of neck pain will definitely resolve themselves, and there are only just some few exceptional situations that may warrant you to seek special help. For instance, if you discovered that your neck pains have simply refused to go, then it might be that you’re suffering just more than a simple neck strain. In this case, you can see a specialist for proper diagnosis.




Overall, there may be no cut-and-dry way on how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong.

 One method that worked for someone else may not work for you, and sometimes using multiple techniques in conjunction may be better than just trying one exclusively.

The problem with neck pain that stems from sleeping is that there are different ways to cure a sleeping position, but limited knowledge on what can be done to deal with the symptom of this–pain.

 The ten (10) techniques above have proved extremely successful in the past and are definitely worth trying–in fact, they may even save you from a day of not being able to move your head or having to call in sick from work.

Most of us—including myself—are faced with the issue of neck pain after sleeping, but fortunately for us, we have been able to deal with it. By simply readjusting your sleeping habits and taking the necessary precautions; you too should be able to overcome the problem.

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