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Knee Rehab Workouts : What You Need to Know !

Knee Rehab Workouts : What You Need to Know !



Whether a person underwent a surgical procedure or was knee rehab workoutsunfortunately involved in an accident, knee rehab workouts  should be pain free.

An effective knee conditioning program will go a long way to completely heal a damaged knee. If structured well enough, rehab knee  pain exercises will enable a patient to everyday activities, sports and even recreational activities.

However, for safety purposes any exercises should not be carried out without first consulting a reputable doctor.



Purpose Of Program


The main aims of knee rehabilitation exercises include the following :


 – Strength


These exercises are meant to strengthen muscles that support the knee and will effectively reduce the stress induced at the joint of your knee. With strong knee muscles, one can properly absorb shock through the knee joint.


 – Flexibility


Stretching the muscles that provide strength to your knee is equally important. The reason behind this is that it will prevent injury and restore the range of motion of your knee.

Additionally, it reduces soreness in muscles and keeps them flexible and long. The only caution that should be observed is that it should be done gently.


– Target muscles


The muscles that are targeted in knee rehab workouts are the follows:
Quadriceps muscle  – this is located at the front part of the thigh.
Hamstring muscle   – this is situated at the back of the thigh.
Abductor muscle     – this is located on the outer thigh area.
Adductor muscle     – this is located on the inner thigh region.
Gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles – these are located on the human buttocks.


– Length of the program


It is highly recommended that knee rehab workouts be carried out over a period of 4 to 6 weeks for good results. After recovery they can proceed but only for the purposes of maintenance.

This will ensure that your knees are healthy and have injury-protection that will last for eternity. It is also advisable that they are carried out twice or thrice a week to maintain strength and range I your knees.


Getting Started


The following are ways to get started:


– Warm-up 


This should take approximately five to ten minutes. It is characterized by activities of low impact such as riding a bicycle that is stationary or simply walking.


 – Stretch


This immediately follows the warm up session but is done before strengthening exercises. However, it should be duly noted that stretching should be repeated prior to ending the exercises.


– Do not ignore pain 


Consult your physical therapist or doctor in case you experience pain.


 – Ask questions


Feel free to inquire if you are unsure of anything.


Stretching exercises include the heel cord stretch, standing quadriceps stretch, supine hamstrings stretch and half squats. Others are hamstring curls, calf raises, leg extensions, straight-leg raises, hip abduction, hip adduction and leg presses. With the above tips you are guaranteed of effective the best  knee pain rehab exercises.


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