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Why Do Some People Feel Knee Pain While Squatting Down ?

 Why do some people feel knee pain while squatting down ?



knee pain while squatting down

The simple reason is that they do not perform squats properly and incorrect body posture always leads to back, knee and hip pain.

Squats are a good form exercise and you should learn how to perform this exercise correctly to eliminate the possibility of knee pain.

Here are the most important reasons that cause knee pain while squatting down :

Incorrect posture and form results in knee pain



It can be said without an iota of doubt that your body posture plays the most prominent role in making highly vulnerable to knee pain while squatting down


When you maintain a poor posture, your knees fall out of alignment while standing and it results in sudden knee pain. Improper posture and form during squats make your knees and ankles sway inwards and they also keep your feet turned out.

Such a situation causes damage to your knees. Many bodybuilders have been facing this problem due to their incorrect body posture and form and, you need to understand that any type of squatting performed by placing excess pressure on your knees can result in different types of knee problems.

Injury to knee joint, ligaments or muscles invite pain in the knees



Another common reason for knee pain after squats is the injury to the knee joint or ligaments or muscles supporting the joint.

Various issues like sprains, meniscus tears, ligament injuries, knee bone injuries and muscle strain can invite severe pain in the knee after squats.

Joint disorders and other infections result in knee pain



Joint disorders like arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis make your knees highly vulnerable to knee pain after squats.

Other infections in your body can also lead to the pain in the knees and in such a situation; you may experience additional symptoms like swelling, redness, warmth and fever as well.

Other condition like anterior knee pain, mal-alignment, patella-femoral pain and chondromalacia patella can also cause serious pain in your knees.

 If you want to eliminate knee pain, you should maintain the correct posture and form while squatting. It is always advisable to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and you need to keep your toes pointed in an outward direction at a forty five degree angle.

If you experience pain, you can stretch your muscles and ligaments before the workout and such a method of approach improves your body temperature to prepare the muscles for the workout.

Other options shedding weight and taking adequate rest can also bring some relief and if you experience sever pain after squats, you need to consult a doctor as well.


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