What To Do For Knee Pain During Pregnancy ? Find out the answer

What To Do For Knee Pain During Pregnancy ?


Pregnancy and Knee Pain :


Pregnancy is a period of many alterations and changes to one’s body and emotions not to mention it’s a life changing event.

In as much as pregnancy makes women glow there are side effects of being pregnant like morning sickness and the never ending cravings just but to mention a few.

One of the overlooked side effects of pregnancy include knee pain during pregnancy and joint problems.

Knee pain during pregnancy is just as common and real as morning sickness, swollen feet and nausea.

Pregnancy causes a great deal of strain on a woman’s body as the center of gravity shifts due to the body’s adaptation to the increase in mass and increase in weight is known to cause knee problems.
The abdomen changes becoming circular as the pregnancy develops. As the abdomen enlarges the center of gravity shifts forward changing the woman’s posture developing a sort of inward curve.

The alteration in posture causes back problems which in turn increases stress and tension on the knees and ankles.

Increase in weight causes the abdominal muscles to overstretch causing pressure on the knees which in turn intensifies knee pain and discomfort.

The increase in weigh is caused not just by the baby (fetus) but by the increase in blood and amniotic fluid however increase in weight is not a bad thing as it is important for the pregnancy due to support and strong development of the baby.
Hence it is not alarming to get knee pain during pregnancy there’s no reason to panic as this is an issue most pregnant women face due to the increase in both mass and weight.

Pregnancy hormones are blamed for most of the changes that pregnant women go through and knee pain is no different. Knee pain may also be caused by the adjustments and modifications in the hormonal balance in a pregnant woman’s body.

The hormone levels i.e. progesterone, estrogen just to mention but a few change dramatically and are designed like this so as to support the pregnancy and accommodate the developing fetus.
The hormone that causes knee pains during pregnancy and joint pains is known as Relaxin. As the name suggests it helps the body specifically the muscles, joints and ligaments become looser and relaxed.

It softens and widens the cervix and prepares the uterus lining during pregnancy in preparation for child birth.

This generally has an effect on the joints and specifically the knees as they become more relaxed yet they have to support the increase in weight which generally strain the knees.
Relaxin however is stops being released by the body immediately after child birth so the effects should cease after child birth hence the effect is not permanent.

Other reasons of knee pain during pregnancy are caused by the extra fluids in the body and joints which triggers both knee and joint pains.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Increase in fluids causes stiff knees hence increasing the pressure on the knees even further. This can also be caused if you have a history of arthritis pain .


So What To Do For Knee Pain During Pregnancy ?


Home remedies for knee pain :


  • There are several home remedies for knee pain during pregnancy. You can exercise regularly making sure you do not strain yourself.


  • Low impact exercises are highly recommended as they help strengthen the thighs and quadriceps muscles that support the knees and helps with the loose and relaxed knee joints.


  • Low impact exercises include walking and aerobics. However before starting any exercising regimen it is highly advised that you check in with your doctor so as to advise further on the same.


  • Swimming and water aerobics are also recommended if you wish to work out as they are gentler on the knees hence avoids strain and stress on the knees.


  • It is also highly advised that a pregnant woman has sufficient rest and get off her feet so as to give the joints a break.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             You can rest with your feet elevated so as to relieve and alleviate knee, ankle and joint pain which may act as a preventive measure to the joints in the first place.


  • Wearing high heeled shoes during pregnancy is also a contributing factor in knee and back pain as well as this stresses the ankles, knees and back as well as the center of gravity changes during pregnancy.                                                                           You should wear comfortable shoes preferably open shoes and flat sandals due to swollen feet during pregnancy .



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  • If the pain becomes too much to handle you can try and use ice packs or hot packs on the knees and joints to help relieve the pain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   You can also consider wearing a knee brace or use supplements or pain killers to help deal with the pain after consulting with your doctor of course.                                                                                                                                                                                       


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Knee pain during pregnancy is normal however, if the pain becomes unbearable you should consider seeing a doctor so as to advise further.


What To Do For Knee Pain During Pregnancy ? Find out the answer

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  1. I think homeopathy is best for knee and joint pain because other medicines have many negative effects. They directly heats up your stomach and pain go away temporarily.


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