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Managing Your Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

back pain on Left Shoulder Blade

The  shoulder blade is a flat, triangular bone on at the top of your  back.

Back pain between shoulder blades is something that should not be ignored. It may start as little pain then slowly progress depending on what causes it.

It can turn severe and sometimes lead to greater complications. There are several causes of pain between shoulder blades .

Causes of Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

• Injuries

Injuries may come as a result of hard exercise, weight lifting, carrying of heavy loads or when one falls. The severity of the injury depends on what causes it. This leads to pain on your back which can be mild or severe depending on the injury.

• Postures

Postural patterns that you have can cause back pain between shoulder blades.

Wrong postural patterns include poor posture at work, driving for too long, holding of heavy objects and lifting weights.

These are exercises that keep you locked in one position for a while.

• Wrong sleeping positions

It may sound stupid but wrong sleeping positions is one reason why many people complain of pain on the shoulders. When you sleep you must ensure that you are comfortable to avoid causing fatigue in your neck and injuring your back.

• Cold and Flu

When one gets a flu or cold, one of the first symptoms is general body fatigue. This may then lead to back pains as a result of muscles beginning to feel rigid.

• Ageing

Your bones tend to become brittle as you age. This is a condition referred to as Osteoporosis. When one falls it may then cause pain in the left shoulder as a result of fractured shoulder bone.

• Frozen shoulder

A frozen shoulder occurs when there is not enough synovial fluid in the shoulder. This fluid is responsible for smooth movement of the shoulder.

When there is not enough synovial fluid in the shoulder it could lead to back pain as a result of rigidness of the shoulder.

• Compression of nerves ( pinched nerves )

This is a condition that results from pain radiating from the shoulder to the nerve.

• Medical conditions

This could include heart, pancreas and spleen conditions. Back pain under the left shoulder blade could be an indication of such medical conditions.

Remedies to back pain under left shoulder blade

There are several ways to that back pain can be treated. These include the following:

• Rest

Rest aids in the healing process. You should avoid engaging in activities that would otherwise worsen the condition. Rest enables you to restrict arm and shoulder movement hence helping your shoulder to cure.

• Weight control

Lifting of heavy weights could causes injury to your shoulder. You should avoid lifting heavy weights you feel pain in your back .

• Exercises

When you feel pain between shoulder blades, you should talk to a physician who could then prescribe to you appropriate exercise to undertake to aid in the healing process. Yoga can also help as it helps in relaxation of muscles.

• Massage

Shoulder pains can be treated by simple massages that help relax your muscles.

• Seeking medical assistance

When you feel pain between shoulder blades, you ought to visit a doctor. The doctor could take a CT scan of your shoulder to establish the cause of the pain then prescribe treatment.

Back pain between shoulder blades should not be ignored. It could be something minor or severe depending on the cause. Always keep a good lifestyle without stress and seek medical attention when you feel pain in your back.

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