21 Amazing Practical Uses of Coke You Didn’t Know About ( We Love N°10 )

21 Amazing Practical Uses of Coke You Didn’t Know About !




Coca-Cola is not only the most popular brand in the world but also one of the most multi-purpose beverages you can come across. Apart from working as an excellent digestive for the body, there are numerous household chores that you can use Coca Cola for.

Here’s a list of some jobs that can be done with much more ease and efficiency if you use Coca Cola for them.


1- Removing Stubborn Stains


Removing Stubborn Stains use coca cola


Grease and other stains on your clothes are a thing of past now, and you don’t even have to buy the expensive stain removers for that. Pour some Coca Cola on the stain and wash it in detergent. The stain will disappear by the time the cloth dries.


2- For Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning at home

The magical cleaning powers of Coca-Cola can also be utilized for cleaning windows. Coke contains citric acid, an ingredient popularly used for cleaning window panes.

Just soak a cloth in Coca-Cola and wipe the window panes with it. To ensure that the sticky sugary beverage is not left on the window, wash the panes with water.

3- Cleaning Burnt Utensils


Cleaning Burnt Utensils


Accidently burnt a utensil? The easiest way to clean the utensil is to pour some Coca-Cola in it and leave for half an hour. The acid removes the residue of the burnt food, and there are no marks left on your utensil.


4- For Floor Cleaning


For Floor Cleaning


From the tiles and floor of your bathroom to the floor and slab of your kitchen, you can wipe anything clean using a can of coke. It acts as a great cleaning agent, leaving your floor sparkling.


5- To Get Rid Of Gasoline Smell Of Clothes


get rid of Gasoline smell of clothes


Working with petroleum products or merely greasing your car or bike can leave a nasty gasoline smell in your clothes. However, you can now get rid of it easily by adding a can of coke in the washer along with water. Your clothes will smell fresh and great again.


6- For Removing Lime Scales From Bath


Removing Lime Scales From Bath

Those lime scales on your bathtub can be an embarrassment when guests use your washroom.Use Coca-Cola to get rid of them. Its acid content dissolves the lime scales, making your bathtub shine like a new one.



7- For Removing Rust Stains




If a piece of iron has got rust stains on it, you can easily clean it off by using Coke. Just soak the iron object in coke and leave it for a few hours. Later, rub it with a scrunching pad to make the stubborn rust stains leave. Your iron will become as good as new.


8- For Cleaning Silver


Cleaning Silver


Got an old silver jewelry that has lost its shine? Just soak them in Coca-Cola for a few minutes, scrub them and then rinse them with water. It removes the dirt, leaving your silver shiny.


9- For Cleaning Engines



A rumor about the cleaning power of Coca-Cola suggests that it is used by distributors for cleaning up the engines of trucks. It contains phosphorus which helps with cleaning engines.


10- For Removing Gum



It can be tough to get rid of chewing gum once it sticks to your clothes, hair or shoes but by using Coke, you can get rid of it in minutes. Just pour coke over the gum and after a few minutes scrape it off.



11- For Treating Bee Or Wasp Sting Pain


Wasp Sting Pain


The venom left by bees and wasps after they have stung you can be destroyed by using Coca-Cola. Its acidic content reduces the pain when rubbed on the skin where the bee has stung.


12- For Treating Nausea



If you feel nauseated on a high elevation or any other time, just take a few sips of Coke. It is as useful in cases of nausea as Ginger Ale, especially flat coke .



13- For Curing Upset Stomach


Curing Upset Stomach


The best home remedy for an upset stomach is Coca-Cola. By acting as a rehydrating drink, it replaces the fluid content of the body and also makes up for the loss of electrolytes. So keep it handy in your refrigerator.


14- For Curing Hiccups


curing hiccups


Nonstop hiccups can be annoying and dangerous. The best way to get rid of hiccups is by breaking the hiccup cycle. Just hold your breath and drink a glass of coke. Within moments, the hiccups will be gone.


15- For Treating Sore Throat


treating sore throat treating-sore-throat

A Coca-cola kept at room temperature can work wonders for a sore throat. To cure a sore throat, you need to keep your throat hydrated and what’s better than Coke for that?


16- For Treating A Headache



Coca-Cola contains caffeine which is a great ingredient for getting rid of migraine attacks and headaches. Just sip a glass of Coke next time any of these ailments trouble you.


17- For Fading Hair Color


Fading Hair Color

If you want to get rid of the hair dye on your hair, just use Coke while washing them. Coke dissolves away the die from your hairs and very soon, you’ll have your natural color back.


18- For Gardening




If you need to grow plants which can only grow in acidic soil such as Bergenia, Bog Rosemary, Azaleas and Fox glove, all you need to do is pour some coke on the ground where you want to plant them. The soil turns acidic by absorbing the acids from Coke.


19- As A Pesticide




The snails and slugs in your garden can instantly be driven away by using Coca-Cola. They try to drink the beverage when its poured in the plants and the acid in it kills them.

20- For Driving Away Wasps 




Troubled by a lot of wasps in your grden and home? Just pour coke in a bowl and place it in your backyard. The wasps get attracted to the sugary drink but upon taking it in, the acid in Coke kills them instead.


21- For Removing Marker Stains




Marker stains are stuborn but they can be easily removed by Coca-Cola. Just pour them on the stain and leave it for a few minutes. Rinse it off and the stains from your clothes will be gone.



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