06 Stretches To Cure Upper Back Pain

 06 Stretches To Cure Upper Back Pain


Well, did you know at any given time one in everyCure Upper Back Pain
five people experiences back pain, while four in five of us will one day experience back pain in the course of our lifetime!


Even though the evolution of man from a quadruped to a bipedal comes with enormous survival tactics advantages, it has also exposed us to pain that results from the complex musculoskeletal system that gives us the upright position.

This has made back pain a part of everyday living for most of us.

However, for most people, back pain is viewed as a serious ailment that requires urgent doctor attention and this is usually a perceptual error.


This process is referred to as medicalization and usually leads to unnecessary medical expenses and absenteeism from work. Just like common cold and headache, back pain usually run its course of time before subsiding and as such it doesn’t require those expensive treatments that are usually propagated by the internet.


The best treatment for back pain ought to be initiated, managed and maintained by the patient. This treatment doesn’t involve booking appointment with doctors with degrees from fancy medical schools but can be done right at the comfort of your home porch.


The following article seeks to highlight six stretches for upper back pain that can be undertaken by virtually everyone suffering from back pain irrespective of the age and gender :


  1. Knee to chest stretch


This stretch is used to align the pelvis while stretching the lower rear muscles. The stretched is performed by lying flat on your back and with your toes pointed upwards.

The right knee is bent slowly while pulling your leg towards your chest with your arms wrapped around your thigh or shin. The position should be maintained for 30 seconds before extending the leg starting position.


  1. Lying knee twist


This movement is used to stretch paraspinal muscles whilst strengthening the abdominal muscles. In this stretch, the patient lies on the back with the legs stretched straight out. The right knee is afterwards bent up and crossed over the left side of the body.

The position is maintained until you are able to feel a gentle stretch through your buttocks and back muscles for 20 seconds. For best results, it is important to tighten your core muscles and rotate back to center. The exercise should be repeated three times on both sides.


  1. Yoga cow


The exercise is performed by kneeling down on all four with your hands beneath the shoulder and knees also below the hips. The patent is then expected to exhale and gently arch his/her spine then afterwards inhale and tighten the core muscles around the back like a cat. Thereafter, the patient should move swiftly ad hold in each position for 10 seconds. For fast results the exercise should be repeated 10 times.


  1. Pectoralis stretch


This stretch is performed by standing in an open doorway with both hands raised slightly above your head on the door frame. The patient then slowly leans forward until a stretching sensation is felt on the shoulder’s front. The position should be held for 20 seconds while the stretch repeated three times.


  1. Thoracic extension


The stretch is performed by sitting upright on a chair and clasping both hands behind the head. The patient then arch backwards gently and looks up towards the ceiling. The stretch should be repeated at least 5 times and performed several times a day to keep upper back pain at bay.


  1. Mid trap stretch


For this stretch, one lies on a firm surface and places a folded pillow underneath his or her chest. The hands are later stretched straight out on the sides with the elbows straight toward the ceiling.

The arms should be raised slowly towards the ceiling as you squeeze each of the shoulder blades together. For the best results perform 2 sets of 10 and as the stretch gets easier you can hold small weights in your arms.


Though upper back pain may be as a result of a number of factors, these stretches for upper back pain are designed to help patients suffering from excruciating back pain relieve their pain without spending a single dime on doctors consultation fee or rather medical expenses.

The stretches don’t require any form of special equipment and thus can be performed even at the office.



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