Best Way To Treat Stiff Neck Fast !

 Best Way To Treat Stiff Neck Fast !


One is said to be having a stiff neck when he or sheBest Way To Treat Stiff Neck
feels pain when making an attempt of turning the head to towards either side.

This problem is currently on the rise due to muscle straining activities we engage in such as gazing into our mobile phones and computers for an extended period.

Other causes include long distance driving without taking a rest and sleeping with your neck in an awkward posture.

The question is how do you cure a stiff neck? This article is going to highlight  best way to treat stiff neck .


8 Easy ways and remedies for curing a stiff neck



01 – Tender neck traction 


This is done by laying down facing up and having someone place a folded towel under your head’s occiput and pulling it gently. This exercise will ease tightened muscles, easing pressure on compressed neck nerves and blood vessels. When this exercise is done about three times a day, the stiff neck can heal within two days.


02 – Hydrotherapy


This is soaking your neck in warm water containing magnesium sulphate salt for about twenty minutes. Magnesium ions will subdue the rate at which calcium ions bind to muscles causing contraction hence the muscle relaxes.


03 – Heat/ ice therapy


This involves application of ice and heat on the area of pain. It is advised to start with ice for about two days then use heat. Heat therapy can be done by warming water and soaking a towel in it then pressing the warm towel on the painful area on your neck.


04 – Luo Zhen technique


This involves using the point in your hand that is known as the acupressure. Massage the area the opposite area of the pain using this point of your hand ensuring that you apply enough pressure until you feel tenderness in the area.
Do gentle exercise with your neck by moving it from ear to ear and up and down. This will gently stretch the muscles allowing blood flow thus relieving the areas of tension in the muscles.
If you have a partner or someone in your house, ask him or her to perform a gentle massage on your neck.


05 – Use over the counter pain killers to relief the pain


 Examples of these pain killers are ibuprofen and naproxen.


06 – Resting is also another remedy for curing a stiff neck 


If you have been driving or typing and reading from a computer until you developed the problem, it is then time to take a leave for a day or two. During this time your muscles are not subjected to stress therefore will relax easing the pain.
Use a firm mattress while sleeping. Avoid a pillow.


07 – Consult your doctor to seek advice whether you can use a soft cervical collar


 This also helps in relieving pain.


08 – Take a walk


Walking is will help in stretching your neck. It also helps in supplying oxygen to body muscles especially the muscles within the spine which is helpful in curing the stiff neck.
These remedies will see you through curing your neck pain . However, if the stiff neck takes too long to heal even after trying these remedies, it is advisable to seek medical advice from your doctor.


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