7 Statements That Hurt People With Chronic Anxiety


Do you often come across people with chronic anxiety ? May be your friends and family members who often complain that they wake up with a weight on their chest every morning?

These people are, in other words, dealing with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and constantly break into cold sweats or burst into tears.

You want to help them but might be scared that one wrong move can make it worse. So here are 7 things to avoid saying to those suffering from anxiety; these statements may sound helpful, but they’re not.


1-  “You Have A Lot To Be Grateful For!”


Chronic Anxiety


You mean to say, “Look at the bright side,” but what they hear is, “I’m not doing enough to appreciate the good things in my life.”

They are usually already dealing with guilt and shame for not being good enough. They think they’re a burden to people.

So instead, say, “I appreciate you.” Appreciation is better than gratitude, and everyone, especially them, need to know that they are appreciated for being strong and dealing with their troubles.

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